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SX-300d DIGITAL POCKET SPRING ASSEMBLY MACHINE is for hot-melt assembly of pocket innerspring units.
The procedure is that three spring strings from pocket spring machines or from the containers to the machine via 3 feeding units,and then cut to a preset length to be assembled into a pocket spring unit with a hot-melt glued system.
The spring unit can be Parallel or Nested or Zoning
*30KG gluing system of Nordson or Robatech
*4 adjustable gluing valves for interrupted gluing application
*Duplex assembly system, two units can be produced at the same time, max 4units one time as long as the total width is less than 2.2m.
*Freely programmable glue saving system with interrupted gluing line
*Computerized easy shift in with/without top/bottom fabric
Remote control system for on-line help and program upgrade
Duplex system,one for single size,one for full size

Technical Data
Spring Type Barrel or Cylindrical
Spring core width ≤2200MM
Capacity 12-14row/min
Spring waist ext Dia Φ37-Φ75MM  
Pocket Height 55-240MM
Fabric Thickness ≥65G/M2
Fabric Width ≤2300MM
Main Drive Power 15KVA
Air consumption 10M3/H
Weight 5100KG
Power Requirement 380V,3 Phase,50-60HZ(Option:415V-480V,220V)